Recruiting and HR consulting for tech startups.
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Ramp Talent was launched just like any other great startup; alone at 2am in a dark room.

Startups + Black Coffee

I've spent almost 20 years across America and Mexico in entry level to senior leadership roles at big companies like Pepsi, Honeywell and Energizer, to VC backed start-ups like HireVue. I now run two successful companies, Ramp Talent and Sumato Coffee Co.

I've won, and I've lost. Along the way I learned a lot.

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I work with other leaders because there are many good people at work, like you or me, who become bad bosses and cause dysfunction at work. I hope to use my experiences to help others grow and hire talented people.

I understand the political watch-outs and pressures a management team is under. I've learned how to how to leverage my skills in recruiting, talent management, talent attraction, entrepreneurship and technology to help companies and leaders become more successful with the part of their business that matters most, Human Capital.

I launched Ramp Talent after realizing that building my own dream business was not at odds with helping others achieve theirs. With Ramp Talent I can help CEO's, owners, executives and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, all while enjoying a smooth cup o' joe.

Get after it.

- Ben