Recruiting and HR consulting for tech startups.
Startup Recruiting + HR

We ramp recruiting and HR for startups

From recruiting ready-to-go talent,to implementing ongoing best practices, or preventing legal headaches,
we build the first HR and recruiting systems for fast growing startups.
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Building high-growth tech companies with great people,
battle-tested systems, and coffee.

Recruiting, onboarding, compliance, hiring and firing, legal... Startups growing headcount can quickly outscale their internal capacity to keep the wheels of growth spinning freely, but no one wants to slow down and dump sand in the gears by hiring a new HR team that's not up to speed. It's the same problem for every startup.

Ramp is an on-demand solution for startups who need some people-help, but who don't want to add the overhead and weight of an entire HR department. We're an HR Delta Team that can keep your startup humming along at maximum productivity while tackling the problems every startup faces as they begin to scale. This ain't our first rodeo.


Startup HR

Startups aren't focused on HR.

You're focused on creating clean code, recruiting your next software engineer or growing sales funnel. Before you know it, you have 50 or 150 employees and no consistent, repeatable to way to hire, onboard, or train your team. Like technical debt (except for people) you can get away with it for a while but it slows you and makes your team less productive.

Ramp solves these issues for tech companies by providing HR as a service (HRaaS).



Your team is your company

We don't BS our clients to get a rec filled. Every candidate we bring in will be pre-screened and interviewed to make sure that they're not only highly qualified, but that they fit with your team and aligned with where you're going. You'll notice the difference the first time we meet with your executive team and hiring managers, and deep-dive into your culture.

So before you risk your next hire on a headhunter happy to hammer square talent into a round talent rec, let us show you what you're missing.

Startup HR

On-demand HR for startups.

We're fluent in bootstrap, A-round, and unicorn. Ramp builds best in class HR systems for hiring, onboarding, and compliance for startups who don't want the overhead and headcount or an entire HR department.

Other HR consulting companies charge $50k to talk to you.

We'll do it for free, and buy lunch.

Some of our competitors charge $50k or more to get started.

We can't really blame them. They're desperate for the money. They have internal sales teams, big offices, glitzy marketing and PR. They're forced to squeeze you for every penny.

Not us.

We're bootstrappers ourselves. We fly coach and pack our own lunch. Our money goes back into our technology and team. Our sales team numbers exactly 2, one of which is our CEO. We've got one designer friend and we've never spent a dollar on PR or advertising.

But startups keep choosing us over them.

In fact, when we go head-to-head with the big-spenders we win.

It might have something to do with the fact that most of our clients come by referral. Or perhaps it's the fact that we've been on startup teams ourselves. Or our CFO-friendly ROI. 

Or maybe it's that while other consultants are focused on their commission, we're focused on our clients needs.

So while other companies may have more money to spend, we know we have a better story to tell.

Let us tell you our story.

We'll be happy to let you decide.

Startup HR

HR solutions for startup control freaks, bean counters,
and productivity gurus.


We get the right people on the bus.

When you're hiring a recruiting firm for your startup, you'd better find someone who builds the right team.

Recruiting people to work at a fast-growing startup is not easy. It starts with your hiring profile and process for recruiting. Your company needs to understand what type of hire it takes to be successful at your company. We use Targeted Selection, Top Grading and work with your team on how to best test for technical skills for software talent.

We identify your hard to fill or high turnover positions and recruit for you. We also work with you along the way so that you can improve your recruiting game. We do executive level, technical talent or sales positions.

1) Screening - we meet with your hiring team to understand the Candidate Profile and define the hiring process - interview schedule, testing and specific culture elements to your company. We take this information and use our industry sources, cutting edge sourcing technology and confidential referrals to conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates and also connect with our database of already pre-qualified candidates.

2) Stories, not resumes. We screen resumes to understand every candidate’s story. We don’t just dump resumes. We interview candidates, meet with them personally, and only send you candidates who match your needs. This process might take a few days to hone but that is what it takes to recruit the best talent. We handle skills tests, background checks and research a candidates social media footprint. 

3) Hiring - You are the one who makes the decision on the hire because you know your company best. We will help you with compensation, relocation or benefit questions as needed but we will also play the role of career coach and advise the candidate on what’s best for their career and also coach your hiring manager on the type of talent that is best for their team.

You'll love Ramp Talent the first time you engage us. And long, long after.