Recruiting and HR consulting for tech startups.
Startup HR

We're named Ramp for a reason

We help growing startups that need expert HR and recruiting
without the drag and overhead of a full-time HR department.
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The Swiss Army Knife of startup HR.

We're designed from the ground up to work with startups. That means that we're adaptable and flexible enough to handle every use case – even the oddball ones – so the entire team can focus on execution without any wasted overhead. 

Before you risk your runway, reputation or next round on a patchwork quilt of single-use vendors, let us show you what you're missing. Because there's HR, and then there's next-generation, I-didn't-know-that-was-possible startup HR with Ramp.

Startup HR

HR solutions for startup control freaks, bean counters,
and productivity gurus.


Ramp changes everything,
Without changing a thing.

A single HR solution for startups.

When you're tiny there's no need to worry about your HR systems. After all, you're just trying to survive. So cobble together a patchwork quilt of services and hope it survives.

Ramp is the next step.

Succession planning, performance management, goal alignment, onboarding and training, mentoring, compensation plans, handbooks, etc. These are just the beginning. We've been there and done that, and we've learned what works, how to get from A to Z fast, and how to do it without stepping on a landmine. We can isolate problems and solve critical needs as they come up, and we do it inside a modular framework so that everything fits together.

That means you can pick what help you need and we'll get out of your way so that you can do your work.

And that means we deliver better ROI with fewer headaches.

We work with your executive team, board and key leaders to put the plans in place to grow your company. HR can be a key driver to your growth and we make sure that can happen.

On-Demand HR Services

How to tell a true HR startup company from recruiters hoping to be mistaken for one.

A single, simple system of on-demand HR for startups.
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1-3 day


We'll focus on a specific human capital topic or challenge, for example: "Performance Management", "Coaching" or "Change Management" or "Building Better Teams" or "Compensation 101" to determine your needs.

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Assessment of your current human capital programs, alignment with business strategy, digital transformation and organizational strategy and structure.

Systems + Implementation


We'll scope your project, align and implement strategies, programs and practices. Look at us more like your HR or Talent team or an extension of your existing team who will clean up a mess.

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Top Talent


We find and place talent that fits with your team, culture and goals and keep your existing team focused and productive.

Say Hello

We can tell you all of the terrific ways that Ramp can help you. But we'd rather show you.

Let us show you what truly productive HR can mean to your company.

Other HR consulting companies charge $50k to talk to you.

We'll do it for free, and buy lunch.

Some of our competitors charge $50k or more to get started.

We can't really blame them. They're desperate for the money. They're have internal sales teams, big offices, and glitzy marketing and PR. So they're forced to squeeze you for every penny.

Not us.

We're bootstrappers ourselves. We fly coach. Our money goes back into our technology and team. Our sales team numbers exactly 2, one of which is our CEO. We've got one outsourced designer and we've never spent a dollar on PR or advertising.

But startups keep choosing us over them.

In fact, when we go head-to-head with the big-spenders we win.

It might have something to do with the fact that most of our clients come by referral. Or perhaps it's the fact that we've run startups ourselves. Or our CFO-friendly ROI. 

Or maybe it's that while other consultants are focused on their commission, we're focused on our clients needs.

So while other companies may have more money to spend, we know we have a better story to tell.

Let us tell you our story.

We'll be happy to let you decide.