Recruiting and HR consulting for tech startups.
Top Talent


From technical hires to leadership, we recruit and build the team that drives your business.
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The big picture. And the little picture too.

You have a vision of where you need to go and who you need to get there, but your recruiting strategy is seldom clear and concise. We're experts in defining strategy and simplifying execution for recruiting, hiring, interviewing and onboarding.

We align your systems and teams so that the every new hire fits your values and your vision, and nothing gets overlooked or falls through the cracks.

Unfair Advantage

Most recruiters just want to fill a rec and get a check.
We work to build your dream team.

We don't just flood your team and hiring managers with candidates.
We pre-screen, call and meet with every potential hire.
Finding Top Talent


We'll identify your specific hiring needs, work with you to develop a plan to hire and focus on who should be on your hiring committee, type of interview questions, interview scorecard and job postings that will attract candidates online and across social media.

Active Recruiting


From the moment we start recruiting for you, we will be your strategic talent partner. We will go the extra mile to understand your needs by getting to know your company mission, culture, and team dynamics. We take pride in working one-on-one with hiring managers and candidates to ensure the best experience when it comes to recruiting, offer acceptance and hiring.

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Systems + Implementation


HR and recruiting technology systems are broken. We have deep expertise with leading edge technology and processes within the HR and Talent space to help you choose the best process or technology for your company. We'll scope your project, align and implement strategies, programs and practices and recommend the right technology. Look at us more like your HR or Talent team or an extension of your existing team.

Top Talent


Onboarding is more than filling out company specific forms and I-9 documents. We work with your team to make sure every new employee feels welcome, even before they join your company. It starts with the first point of contact after they accept the offer and to the experience they recieve during orientation and training and to their physical workspace. We make onboarding a priority to your company, because as your team grows, everyone must be aligned to the mission of the company.

Say Hello

We can tell you all of the terrific ways that Ramp can help you. But we'd rather show you.

Let us show you what truly productive HR can mean to your company.

For some startups, the penalty for
choosing the wrong recruiter is death.

Hiring the right people is the difference between success and failure.

Recruiting is brutal. Finding candidates, screening, interviewing, negotiating compensation, hiring, training and on-boarding... Get it wrong and it slows you to a crawl, sapping your time and choking off opportunities.

Worse, hiring the wrong people can cripple your team or destroy your company.

Getting it right is critical.

Ramp puts a merciful end to your jigsaw puzzle of DIY tactics and teeth-grinding bottlenecks. We combine your vision with battle-proven recruiting practices, allowing your company to continue to grow without the wheels coming off.

The result: streamlined systems and a steady flow of high quality candidates that your team will love. Just ask our clients.

Imagine what that might look like for you.