Your Job is to Keep Good People Together (it's that simple)

Two guys working together

Two guys working together

Your job (if you want to lead) is to keep people together, the good ones that is. As for the bad people, let them go. Really. Let them go. Let them resign, show them the door. Whatever you need to do, you just need to keep the good people together. It’s that simple. helps keep people together, but even better - your time and attention are important too. Many times, the problem is that leaders and managers end up spending all their time with the bad people and forget about the good people. Often they are the glue that keeps your business running.

It’s like the child who has a misfit sibling and doesn’t get the attention they deserve from their parents of all the good things they are doing. Money won’t help the child, time and attention most often will.

It’s the end of the year. Many companies are giving bonuses and making their employees feel valued but look at how much time you are giving to your top performers. Make sure those go-getters are getting what they need. Keep the good people together. Simple but not easy to do.

Many of the talent problems I see at companies are due to leaders spending too much time on bad performers and not enough time with the good performers.

P.S. - If you are going through the trouble to hire top talent, make sure you have an environment where top talent will thrive. Good people like to work together and they’ll help grow your business together. Good coffee helps too.