The team that works hard without trust falls

work hard

work hard

Here’s a team building idea...

Work really, really, really hard with your team. During this work, you will sweat, laugh, bond and build a team. Treat people in a good manner when you work with them. Apologize when you don’t, then keep working hard.

Whether you work late into the night or start early in the morning - seek to understand yourself. Make sure you are good with the work you are doing and the direction of your life. The people in your work and life matter. This is your team and your work. Own it.

Teamwork doesn’t happen with trust falls, expensive behavioral assessments, happy hours or donuts. It happens with hard work and surviving stressful events together with people.

Build your team with hard work. Teamwork is hard. It’s easier with good coffee, but it’s still hard.

P.S. - A Stanford study found that even the perception of working collectively on a task will keep people on task 64% longer than solitary peers while also keeping higher engagement levels and higher success rate. Before you seek out your next hire - seek to fix your team first.