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The Worst Resume Advice

The worst resume advice is to focus all the efforts on the resume.

Hiring managers: Candidates only put the good stuff on their resume. You need to dig in and find out everything. We all have warts. Find out what the candidate learned from their failures not listed on the resume. FYI - roughly 81% of resumes have some material lie on them.

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Just because they have a good a resume…

Remember Uncle Rico from the movie Napoleon Dynamite? His resume would say - “Back in 82 he could throw the pigskin a quarter mile” 

Would you hire Uncle Rico to lead your college football team? I doubt it, but his high school football resume and mouth says he is great.

You have heard this before. People are more than their resumes. They really are.

Just because they worked at Facebook, doesn’t make them good at hustle and hard work.

Just because they went to Harvard doesn’t mean they can bring revenue into your company.

Just because they were the “Head of Sales” doesn’t mean they can close deals.

Just because they have some short stints on their resume doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk with them.

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Remember 84% of workers are bored at work…

I had coffee the other day with a talented executive at a billion dollar company who is bored at her job.

She is well paid, but bored. Because of that, she is starting a side business and if chances are like her past successes, she will probably do really well in that business.

Here is the moral of the story. More money alone does not make you happy...Ask Magic Johnson who just resigned as the LA Lakers President. He makes a lot of money but became bored and quit.

I cringe when I see a candidate stick with a job they’re bored with and only stay for the money. They are hard to help.

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The "Real Hire" Shows up in November

When Halloween ends and November begins, it reminds me of hiring.

With hiring, once the candidate gets the job you never know who is going to show up to work on the first day. They take the “I want the job” mask off on their first day of work and you see who you really hired.

During the interview process, the candidate has a mask on all warts and scars they don’t want to show you. Sure, you can do all the checks - background, credit, references, drug screen, etc. - but you don’t really know who you hired until the first day on the job.

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Start Working (and get a solid website)

Same Ben here, but with Ramp Talent. Since I launched my recruiting and HR business, Apple has come out with two new iPhone X's and I launched a good business with an average website...

One year later and after lots of valuable feedback, I raised my game. Like changing my company name. That said - Secret Tech Sauce Talent is now Ramp Talent. The name is easier to say, PLUS - the name aligns with the work we do…

We ramp recruiting and HR for startups.

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