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Feedback! (More Candidates are Rejected, then Hired)

Many of us only hear about the interviews, offers and hires when it comes to recruiting but more candidates are rejected than made an offer.

For every one hire, 46 people were reviewed, 12 are phone/video screened, 3-5 are interviewed and one person is hired (stats from an actual CFO role I worked on).

The one and only action that will screw up your recruiting efforts - lack of feedback in two areas of the recruiting process.

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Your Candidates are just not that “Into You”

People surprise me all the time that is why I don’t expect anything...

I’ve spoken with many candidates (lately - fintech product and engineer talent and CFO level talent) and those I speak with aren’t really candidates until I understand what problems they solve and what gets them out of bed to work every morning.

I expect nothing, nor should you the hiring manager until you can uncover what it is a candidate likes to do and what big things they want to achieve.

The hiring managers who “get it” know they need to understand what the candidate wants, before they explain what the hiring managers want.

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