The "Real Hire" Shows up in November


Who Did You Hire?

Welcome to November. New month. Same game. October is gone and Halloween is over. Take your mask off. No more trick or treats.

If you ate all the Halloween candy last night, get back on the path. We have work to do.

When Halloween ends and November begins, it reminds me of hiring.

With hiring, once the candidate gets the job you never know who is going to show up to work on the first day. They take the “I want the job” mask off on their first day of work and you see who you really hired.

During the interview process, the candidate has a mask on all warts and scars they don’t want to show you. Sure, you can do all the checks - background, credit, references, drug screen, etc. - but you don’t really know who you hired until the first day on the job.

When you work with someone you find out everything. I have experienced the all-star sales executive go down the wrong path with alcohol and zipper problems, the HR pro who becomes a roadblock or the self-proclaimed sales leader with 100K social media followers but yet can’t lead a team of two or close a $10K deal. They were all wearing good masks and costumes during the interview process.

Hiring is like Halloween. Everyone gets excited with handshakes, candy and drinks but when the excitement is over, the costumes come off and it’s a cold November and you realize who you hired.

We have two months left of the year. Who do you have on your team? Are they still covering things up with costumes and masks?

Hiring is tricky. Especially in November and December. Drink a lot of Sumato Coffee with someone before you hire them. Move beyond the costumes and masks.

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