Admit it. You're Bored.


Doing work that you are not “into” is boring. Working hard with purpose and meaning brings a level of stress that causes us not to be bored BUT the flip side of hard work is boredom.

Years ago at a BIG company I was so bored at work, I pursued my Master’s degree as a call to action. End result - I was able to do my job and earn a Master’s degree.

A recent article in Psychology Today showed that “between 30% and 90% of American adults experience boredom at some point in their daily lives.”

There is a chance you are bored right now, reading this on your phone on a train while you are dreading that mundane day ahead (i.e., counting objects on excel sheets, sitting in long meetings, etc).

Boredom is a killer. It really is. Retiring rich with nothing to do is not good for the mind. Being poor with nothing to do is not good either.

Anytime I have done something good in my career it has come at times of boredom. One trend I see with top talent working at companies is that they are bored and want to do something else.

Boredom can be a good thing - Take action with boredom, make yourself smarter, pursue that job, business, goal, degree or career you want. There is never a perfect time.

PS - Job seekers are bored and spend ~ 11 hours per week looking for work while they sip their coffee. That said - I’m looking for a Head of People Operations for a fast growing “smart home tech” company in Utah. I’m paying a $1K referral bonus as well.