Interviewing candidates - Paranoia can be the destroyer...

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Can I let you in on a little secret?

Most of my clients (i.e., hiring managers) are paranoid. They think the more people who interview a candidate, the better they can be about making the right hiring choice.

During the interview process, particularly, when they find someone good, they invite more people to interview the candidate.

After a series of interviews - They say something like - “Hey Ben - we like this candidate a lot - can you have him interview with Rosco, our Director of Marketing” -

You need 5 people OR LESS to make a hiring decision. If you have a well run organization - you only need 3-4 people. If you are paranoid - you will want 10 or more people to interview someone. If your interviewing team looks like this picture - lean that out, now.

If you have done the early hard work of - sourcing, screening and interviewing - you have your candidate and he/she just needs to interview with your hiring team (less than 5 people) to test skills and culture fit.

Establish a hiring team. Trust your hiring team, hold them accountable. They can make the decision.

Paranoia is a destroyer.

Get after it, with good coffee.

PS - In a Google study - they claim you only need 4 interviews to make a decision. You’re probably not as good as google, but you can do better than what you are currently doing...