World Series Edition - It’s hard to prepare for a curveball


This past week was full of curveballs. That’s why I’m writing to you on Saturday, instead of Thursday.

It started on Monday morning with one of my executive level candidates declining a job offer. I put a lot of work into getting the client to make an offer and later found out the client was doing a lot of things to drag out the offer. It reminded me of last night’s 7 + hour Game 3 of the World Series. Long and drawn out.

But it gets worse. Later on Monday,  my Father had a heart attack and had to undergo open heart surgery on Thursday. This made my job candidate situation seem minor league. Good news is that my Father’s surgery was a success and he is in the hospital recovering and watching long World Series games.

I am thankful for my Dad and that he is healthy and strong and will be able to recover. He is a good example of choosing food and fitness to stay strong. I’m also thankful for technology, smart doctors, medical staff and modern medicine.

No matter how bad work gets, keep swinging. The minute my candidate declined I was doing a review with my client on what we could have done better, accepting ownership and calling more candidates. Strikeout - I had to put the situation behind me for the next pitch. Always keep swinging.

No matter how you suffer, do what you can to stay fit and calm. The minute I learned my Dad had a heart attack, I was rearranging my week to be with him and my Mom in the hospital and focusing on my own strength to get my family through the day and week.

It’s hard to see a curveball but prepare for them. Curveballs happen. Work with people who can handle curveballs and keep swinging after a strikeout.

PS - 67% of people earning $100K or more plan to make a job change in the next 12 months - That’s a lot of curveballs your executive team is going to give you. Are you ready?