The Most Important Move A Boss Can Make…

good boss

Show them you can lead, don’t tell them you are the leader

Is to pay attention. 

Pay attention to the people who work at your company. This is about them, not you. Notice when they do good things that you want them to do and tell them. If you see them doing something good, say it. 

It can be anything. If someone takes out the trash - say “good job and thank you” for taking out the trash.

If someone almost nails a presentation - say “good job” and then give them a pointer on what they could do better. 

Pay attention. Get out of your own head and look around. If you can’t out of your head, then don’t come into the office until you are in a place where you can lead people. 

Performance management is not expensive software, long processes or long talks. It happens minute by minute throughout the day and it fails when you do not pay attention and call out the good in what you want people to do. 

Noticing and calling out good behavior works. Do it - You will get more people doing what you want them to do and they will put forth a stronger effort.

Lastly - If you are paying attention to this post - Thank you for sticking with me/us as I have grown Ramp Talent and Sumato Coffee on the side. Thank you to Peter (GSD Marketing Kid) and Katie (GSD Recruiter) for your help. More to come down the road... Q3 is almost over and next week (10/1) will be Q4 - let’s close out the quarter and finish the year strong. 

Ben Martinez