Who needs candidates, when you have a good ATS…

Said nobody ever. 

You are hired.gif

Your ATS just Hired Me…said nobody ever.

ATS  = Applicant Tracking System. 

An ATS is needed when you start to scale your recruiting operations at your company, but an ATS is not needed to find good candidates and people. 

You can find great people without an expensive ATS  - full of user manuals and weekly system downtimes for technology upgrades. 

I am surprised when I talk with a client who thinks that buying and implementing an ATS for their organization means the job of recruiting top talent is pretty much done.

It’s like this - you can buy a good lawn mower or mediocre lawn mower but you still need to do the work to make your grass look good. It takes work to mow the grass. It doesn’t matter how nice or automated your lawn mower is, someone must get after it and mow the lawn. It can be a push mower, hand clipper, self propelled, sitting lawn mower, a landscaping company...someone has to do the work BUT make sure the mower helps the person responsible for mowing the lawn…Do The Work.

(Side note: I mow my own lawn with an average brand self propelled lawn mower). 

I often run into hiring leaders who are really good at hiring, but have to deal with a bad ATS and to the contrary…I work with hiring leaders who do little to recruit and blame everything on their ATS. I get it, many ATS’s are clunky but take personal action (i.e., use sticky notes and excel sheets if needed) to hire good people. Your job is to hire good people, not work inside of an ATS.

Good ATS, bad ATS or No ATS. Finding good people is hard.  Do not make it harder with a bad ATS and do not think an ATS is going to make it so you do not have to work hard to hire good people.

Lastly - I’m looking for engineering, sales, and product candidates who have experience in the health technology, fintech or HR technology space. Send me some intros and I will put their names on sticky notes and our ATS, then send you $1K if we hire them.

PS - Did you know the best day to interview for a job is on Tuesday through Thursday… This day is better for candidates and hiring managers.