The Worst Resume Advice


Average time spent reviewing a resume is 7 seconds

The worst resume advice is to focus all the efforts on the resume.

Hiring managers: Candidates only put the good stuff on their resume. You need to dig in and find out everything. We all have warts. Find out what the candidate learned from their failures not listed on the resume. FYI - roughly 81% of resumes have some material lie on them.

Candidates: You will rarely get a job with a well formatted resume. The average time a recruiting or hiring manager spends on a resume is 7 seconds. Make your resume look good, then focus on networking and building relationships.

If you are like most people you are going to focus on what they did or didn’t do in each job. Instead find out what pulled them to each one of their new jobs.

I find that talented people often get pulled out of one job and into a new job. This pull happens by their own interest and ability to make things happen or by someone pulling them because they are good at what they do. Find out why they changed. Don’t buy into candid “didn’t see eye to eye with the boss” answers either.

Too much focus on the resume makes you look at stuff that doesn’t really matter in predicting a candidate’s success. Stuff like...job titles, GPAs, how famous the college is, etc.

Get off the resume and change what you are looking at.

You can do it.