“His old boss was fired for cocaine and prostitutes” - That’s what I heard

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The other day I was doing a recruiting intake session and the hiring manager told me his former boss was fired for buying prostitutes and cocaine while in another country on a business trip...

This situation caused the hiring manager to want to leave the company and work for someone else. Notice that he said, “work for someone else” NOT “work somewhere else”.

I don’t know how true the story of his old boss is and it was irrelevant to my meeting with him but I do know that people work for people, not companies. This guy just wanted to work and not deal with the boss’s drama.

If the boss is doing shady things, it will destroy a place. The people who work together need to trust each other and they want a boss who is there to serve them, not serve themselves.

As for the story about his old boss- this is hearsay and drama. I found it odd the hiring manager brought up the story and I saw it as a distraction to the meeting. This is because I was on a mission to understand what the hiring manager needed out of this $100K plus hire.

I listened, probed more and built out a picture of who he wanted to hire. I had to minimize everything else, not get pulled into gossip about his old boss, and get to the reason why it was mission critical that this role is open.

Here is the deal -

Candidates: Make sure you trust your boss. If you can trust them, you can build upon that trust.

Hiring Managers: Don’t act like a shady jerk. People are looking for someone to follow. Give them a reason other than your job title to follow you.

Hiring is not easy. Especially if you are a bad boss and want people to work on Monday. And I wonder if that guy’s old boss ever recovered from his wild business trip.

PS - It’s good for the mind, to read books from the other side of the library - with good Sumato Coffee of course.