When they say hustle…

detach with good coffee

Detach from the hustle with a good coffee break

Hustle. It’s a good thing, not a trendy word. I can remember the words of hustle all the way back to my youth sports days in the 80s and 90s. I heard that I had to “hustle” on and off or during a game. Hustle.

Hustling is the one thing you can do to keep yourself in the game.

Now I see Universities advertising their Professional MBA programs and telling you that you need more than hustle to advance in your career. Sadly, many University programs are behind the times on their content and are not teaching the latest entrepreneurial techniques. They need to hustle and make their programs more with the times.

At work - hustling does not mean spending all your days in meetings, talking and failing to take action. Hustle is progressing ideas, projects, plans and moving forward. At the end of every meeting, what is the next step? Hustle, hustle. What are your metrics? Hustle towards those metrics.

On social media - hustling is not posting a selfie about your hustle. That’s just trying to play the game from the sidelines.

When I talk with a candidate, I’m looking for focus and drive. Lack of those traits leads to job burnout. Focus without drive leads to just a dream. Focus + drive = hustle.

Recruiters who have personal metrics and a desire to progress every single day have figured out how to hustle. This isn’t just applicable to recruiters, it applies to any worker.

Hustling is just something you do, not say. With that, I need to shut up and get after my work. Hustling is not being busy or being out of balance. Hustling is knowing what time it is and knowing where you are.

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