Candidates Hear the Sounds of Silence

Hello Sounds of Silence…

*Hat tip to Simon & Garfunkel to the Sounds of Silence song and for more silence during a job interview…*


Listen more.

Now shut it.

It’s wise to shut up. Especially during a job interview. Speak your mind but do not be a talker. I have seen candidates and hiring managers do too much talking during an interview. They are afraid of silence.

Hiring Managers - Ask really good questions, listen then dig more. This past week I did a training for hiring managers on conducting better interviews. Many of the hiring managers admitted they need to listen and probe more. It’s a human problem, so don’t feel alone.

Candidates - Answer the questions, then follow-up with the hiring manager to make sure you answered their question. Be brief, be bright be gone. Do not talk too much.

When someone tells the truth, they do not need to say much. Just listen, speak and move onto the next question or topic. It’s that simple.

During your next meeting or interview, practice being silent. It’s hard and uncomfortable but you will learn more than talking. Often, I am reminded that I am not good at practicing silence and I need to remember to shut-up and listen myself

Silence, Ben.

Have a good day.