Remember 84% of workers are bored at work…

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Where are you climbing…

I had coffee the other day with a talented executive at a billion dollar company who is bored at her job.

She is well paid, but bored. Because of that, she is starting a side business and if chances are like her past successes, she will probably do really well in that business.

Here is the moral of the story. More money alone does not make you happy...Ask Magic Johnson who just resigned as the LA Lakers President. He makes a lot of money but became bored and quit.

I cringe when I see a candidate stick with a job they’re bored with and only stay for the money. They are hard to help.

When I interview someone I want to know if they love their work and exhibit passion for that work.

If they love their role and feel fulfilled with their career, sooner or later money will come, and with that comes a stronger focus and more engagement.

If you’re a manager or hiring someone, here’s a tip.

Don’t oversell or make promises you can’t keep. You can tell them about potential advancements and pay raises later but they need to figure out how to find themselves with the work they do and get something out of it.

Lay out a structure that allows for more meaningful work and more professional growth within your team. After that, showcase how this will turn into more pay and better opportunities in the future. This will prevent boredom and make your company headhunter proof. Most talented people will not leave for $15K if they’re satisfied with their current position.

Work is more than climbing the career ladder. Immerse yourself in your work.

Be clear where you are going next. Don’t be like the majority (84%).