Feeling Disengaged?

Disengaged Worker

Pretending to work…

Good news, you have company because many other employees are disengaged. We are at a record-high employee disengagement rate...84%.

For recruiting - This means that as long as you don’t creep out your prospective candidates with spammy LinkedIn pitches, you’re likely to engage them in a call. People are looking for more engaging work.

Bad news - if you are leading a team - there is a strong chance you have people who are checked out. They want work that excites them and for some reason they are not feeling it on your team. Find out why.

This also means you better raise your game when it comes to leading people. Develop relationships with your new hires and current hires. Don’t think you can hire someone and not work with them to make sure they are bought into the mission of the team and/or company.  

I just took a new hire out to breakfast to make sure he was all in with his new gig. Fortunately, he is all in. The French Toast helped as well.

Good news - it’s easy to get people to pick up the phone. Bad news - you still have to work to keep people together BUT - Good news - good coffee is communal and can help people work together.