A.I. is NOT the Y2K of 2019

Y2K and AI

Don’t Party like it’s 1999 with AI…

Happy New Year 2019.

January is almost over but I still like to say Happy New Year.

Remember the late 1990s before the year 2000 when the Y2K bug was going to make the world crumble? Yeah, the Gen Xers (that’s my club) - we had it all wrong.

Almost 20 years later and now we are talking about A.I. - that is Artificial Intelligence…

Occasionally, I run across people who think of A.I. like Y2K and the stuff they’ve seen in science fiction movies. They are scared and want to fear people into thinking the world will end or change for the worse because of A.I.

Ultimately, I don’t know what A.I. will do and I don’t think any man, woman or robot does either. If we go with the assumption that there are more good people than bad people - we should be thinking artificial intelligence will be used for our benefit.

A few months ago we hired a Data Engineer for a client. That Data Engineer has made great progress helping them get their data into shape into something much more powerful. This is all by feeding the data into a machine learning algorithm that will help small business owners better understand their financing options. This is just one of the ways A.I. is being used for the benefit of businesses and clients.

Bottom line, the gap between what’s possible and current state with data is nearly infinite. Many companies are still in the early stages on making full use of available technology to close the data gap. We have a long way to go before A.I. becomes anything like science fiction we’ve heard about and for now, this is way better than the Y2K bug.

 Drink good coffee and keep working.