What does it mean to be an engaged recruiter?

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Do you Get Me?

You will truly never understand other people. Most of the time, those other people are irrational and they will do irrational things. I never say never but it’s safe to say you will never fully understand others, but you can always work on understanding yourself.

As a recruiter, you think you may understand a candidate but often they change their reasons for wanting the job. 

When dealing with hiring managers, you think you understand who they want to hire and before you know it, they change the profile of the hire and want to hire someone different.

While you’re thinking about your top talent at work, you think someone is happy at work until they switch careers or get tired of the grind and quit and do something else. You thought you understood them but you did not.

Understand who you are, how you lead and why you do what you do. You will be more engaged this way and focused into what you are doing in the moment.

Understanding why you made a mistake and why you do something really well is key. If you can understand your own greatness and how to develop that greatness you can help other people become better. But first, you must understand yourself. It’s easier but not always so simple.

Do you get me? Probably not, but your job is to understand yourself and not myself.

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Life’s too short to not get it — get after it!