The Thing About Recruiting...

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Many times we already know what we need to do…

When a company has the need to hire and fill a role, one of three things is happening:  

  1. Someone is not doing their job. Thus, they need to go outside to find someone. Be careful because this can get costly. See if you can get people to do more, before hiring outside help. Do more yourself as well.

  2. Nobody is available inside the company to do the job. They don’t have the skills inside their company and need to go outside to find the skills. Or, perhaps…

  3. It’s both. The executives at the company have lost sight of the real work at the company and are out of touch with what it takes to make and ship their product.

The thing with recruiting is that you have to know why it is mission critical for the company to hire the person right now. Before you begin to work on recruiting talent, work on why the position is needed and why your current resources aren’t getting the job done.

You may find out you need to better organize the work at your current company and learn that you need hire in a different part of the organization. The thing about recruiting is that it becomes more simple when you know what it is you are trying to fix and understand the function of your entire company, workflow in and out.

Keep working. Good coffee helps.