That fella survived the financial crisis 10 years ago

That seems like a different world. No matter where you were working in 2008, you remember the financial crisis. I sure do. I was recruiting people who could sell more batteries, razors, and tampons at Energizer Holdings Inc. Then shizzle hit the fan with the financial crisis.

Looking back - once anyone chose to do something about the financial crisis, they just needed to find space and realized that time was more of an issue than money. Time is often your best friend or your worst enemy but we all have the same amount of time - 24 hours in one day. You just need to pick something and get really good at, then do it at 4:30 AM.  

Thankfully for me...I had the curiosity of technology and developed some skills to bring new ways on how to recruit and engage with talent and save my company money. In short, my company kept me around a few good years to help solve problems, which later opened more doors in the technology space. I survived the financial crisis.

For anyone who went through the financial crisis - you learned that money was limited and some people had more money than other people but everyone had the same amount of time.

Time flies if you let it. Be more aware of how you are using your time.

I work and talk with many startups and fast-growing companies who have a mess on their hands with HR and recruiting. They need people who can solve problems, not complain about them. Complaining is not a good use of time. Find people who can solve problems with their time.

If there is one regret I have for the last ten years is that I did not move faster or get more aggressive.

Use your time wisely, with good coffee and good people.

Ben Martinez