"PoPos" work in your company

I get it. You have been working at your job for 5 years and still haven’t got the “BIG” job of your dreams. You are a PoPo -  Passed over & Pissed off. #PoPo

PoPos are highly talented but become dangerous if they are ignored. If you let a PoPo linger at your company they are the complainers or drama creators. They are bored but talented, like this guy in the photo.

I talk with PoPos all the time. Sadly, they know they can do more but choose to stay in a job they do not enjoy in hopes of becoming the next Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), even though the current CMO will never leave because the CEO buys him beers every Thursday.

Gallup’s latest study says 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. Companies are building strong teams of PoPos.

Here are 4 ways to think about PoPos.

  1. Offer them meaningful work. Give talented PoPos work that matters to your company. Hold them accountable and let them shine. Pay them well but be clear about why they are not the VP or Chief.
  2. Find PoPos at other companies and offer them a job at your company with a bigger title and responsibility. They are ready. If you’re trying to fill a VP of “Marketing”, don’t just look at sitting VPs of Marketing with the same compensation and job. There is not much in it for them to leave. Rather, look at the Senior Director who is just waiting to do something big.
  3. If you are a PoPo. Focus on doing your job better than the day before. Leave if you have to, but do not complain. Do your job, then some. Your day is coming.
  4. Teach your recruiting team how to recruit PoPos and reward them for it. PoPos do not have time to apply to job postings or sit on job boards. Call them. PoPos will talk on the phone.

I have been a PoPo. Being a PoPo is par for the course if you are going to pursue career growth inside of companies. Own your situation and do something to get out of PoPo status. Make yourself better.

Power to the PoPos. Be aware of them. Drink coffee with them.

Ben Martinez