You must have worked really hard in 2018...


Do a little better in 2019

It’s an off week. The week between Christmas and New Years when many people are wondering if they are on the right path with life...

You’re probably questioning yourself, “Should I be working, sleeping, skiing, celebrating, exercising, eating, drinking, reading, writing..” What should I be doing during the break and what should I do about 2019? This week is a time to reflect and focus on what matters.

First, let’s acknowledge that you worked really hard in 2018. Like really hard. You may have missed your personal goals, and maybe missed a mark or two but pat yourself on the back - you worked hard in 2018.

Do not tell yourself you are awesome, smart or talented. You do not want to put a label on yourself or anyone else by saying you are smart or something. By doing just that, you are building a box to contain yourself. You want to ignite a fire. You want to do better in 2019. Even if it’s a little better. Just better.

Instead - Reflect and build upon yourself but using language like, “I like how hard you worked in 2018 and I would like to see you work harder and smarter in XYZ area in 2019”. Build your confidence. Do this when you talk with other people too. Building skills is about building confidence. Build that confidence to build connections. Simple but it isn’t easy.

How do I know this? In the book, “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, Coyle shows how the wiring of our brains can be programmed to achieve our full potential and these tips are something I use everyday.

Enjoy your end of year break.

You worked hard in 2018.

Let’s do better in 2019.