The best way to bore people with numbers

This business owner is very organized.

This business owner is very organized.

Sooner or later, you will want to tell a story with your numbers, whether you are sales, HR, recruiting or marketing, those numbers will be up for discussion.

Have numbers? Tell a story with them.

Sometimes the best people in those roles don’t know how to explain difficult concepts in a simple way. They bore people with charts, numbers or technical terms.


Instead of saying, “the cost of per unit sold, after taxes but before interest is $17,847 per day” - be more direct and visualize those numbers - like “we are blowing up a $17,847 car every time we sell a unit” and then SHOW that visual aid in your presentation.

Remember the basics of presentations are storytelling so don’t forget to tell a story and give actions and direction to change behaviors. How does this relate to recruiting?...

All candidates have a story, and it’s your job to get the story.

Spend time with candidates to learn their story, that’s essential with recruiting, then present their story to the hiring manager.

If the candidate can’t explain their career like a story, interrupt them and dig in to make sure there are no gaps in their story, it’s important know their whole story.

Sloppy hiring is easy to do, it’s easy to do, and so many companies do it every day. I have endless stories of companies who get sloppy with hiring, making huge mistakes, costing them time and money.


A lot of Tesla cars are being destroyed

For example, I know of one small company who burns through the equivalent of an $84K Tesla Model X by noon every single day and failed to hire people who can make up for it with sales. Those bad hiring practices have costed them A LOT.

Hiring nightmares are not unique. Many companies get lazy with hiring and then wake up after they burn through enough cash to buy 78 Tesla Model Xs.

What is your hiring story? Don’t bore me...

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