Candidates lie to themselves


Judge Yourself

I had a bad 3rd quarter with Ramp Talent and Sumato Coffee. That’s the truth. I wanted to lie and say things are great, but it only hurts me, my business, clients and employee/helpers.

Other areas that I see people lie…

Working out - exercise. I talk to many people who make excuses about why they didn’t exercise. Too much work, not enough sleep, gym too far away, kids were sick, on and on and on...Lies.

Candidates. I talk with candidates about the background and reasons for their job changes. I hear excuses like - bad boss, the company was not performing well, they were not engaged in their work, they were the only perfect one on the failed project…Lies.

One common theme. Almost everyone lies to themselves in some area of their life.

Tell the truth. Do not lie. Admit it when things are not good and own the problem. Going to self help speaker conferences, reading self help books - all great - but you have to do the work that the books and speakers tell you to do.

The best candidates are the ones who tell you “they do not know the answer” instead of making up an answer which can end up becoming a lie. “I don’t know” is a good answer too.

Back to Ramp Talent and Sumato Coffee. It’s the 4th quarter now - I have deals to close, work to do and clients to help.

PS - Studies show that 80% of resumes contain at least 1 material lie. Tell the truth, do not lie. You will feel better about yourself. Dig deep into a candidate’s background.