Your Candidates are just not that “Into You”

People surprise me all the time that is why I don’t expect anything...

I’ve spoken with many candidates (lately - fintech product and engineer talent and CFO level talent) and those I speak with aren’t really candidates until I understand what problems they solve and what gets them out of bed to work every morning.

I expect nothing, nor should you the hiring manager until you can uncover what it is a candidate likes to do and what big things they want to achieve.

The hiring managers who “get it” know they need to understand what the candidate wants, before they explain what the hiring managers want.

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Good Companies are Getting Some

If they “Get It” - that means they get what it takes to make money in your business, understand that the customer always comes first and their job (regardless of title) is to add value to a customer. They are NOT incompetent and will be able to Get It when it comes to your business. When I got my Amazon offer, I was incompetent in what they were trying to do. I didn’t GET it. I understood that the customer came first but I didn’t quite get the vision.

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Is it time to FAIL, OR is it time to FILL?

The problem with focusing too much on Time to Fill is that it feeds right into a common bias we all have with our work, The Planning Fallacy. You can Google that term but essentially “The Planning Fallacy” is a situation in which we underestimate the time needed to complete a project. This happens regardless of our past knowledge of the task, we just tend to always bite off more than we can chew.

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A.I. is NOT the Y2K of 2019

Happy New Year 2019.

January is almost over but I still like to say Happy New Year.

Remember the the late 1990s before the year 2000 when the Y2K bug was going to make the world crumble? Yeah, the Gen Xers (that’s my club) - we had it all wrong.

Almost 20 years later and now we are talking about A.I. - that is Artificial Intelligence…

Occasionally, I run across people who think of A.I. like Y2K and the stuff they’ve seen in science fiction movies. They are scared and want to fear people into thinking the world will end or change for the worse because of A.I.

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The "Real Hire" Shows up in November

When Halloween ends and November begins, it reminds me of hiring.

With hiring, once the candidate gets the job you never know who is going to show up to work on the first day. They take the “I want the job” mask off on their first day of work and you see who you really hired.

During the interview process, the candidate has a mask on all warts and scars they don’t want to show you. Sure, you can do all the checks - background, credit, references, drug screen, etc. - but you don’t really know who you hired until the first day on the job.

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