I recently interviewed Jörgen Sundberg on my podcast, Secret Tech Sauce — I have known Jörgen for years and a pleasure to have him on Secret Tech Sauce podcast. Listen to Episode 34 on the player below.

Jörgen Sundberg gets employment branding. He runs Link Humans, London’s employment branding agency. In this episode, you will learn more about employment branding than any conference can teach you because we touch on metrics, real-life examples and then cover areas in Jörgen’s book, Employee Advocacy: The Ultimate Handbook. Jörgen also comes alive on his views about generations in the workplace, books to read, coffee to drink and advice to his younger self.

Agenda (link to the podcast below):

  • Ben/Jörgen find common ground with coffee, Sumato Coffee of course.

  • Jörgen talks about his morning freshly brewed coffee, running a marathon and Dad life

  • Employer Branding defined at a dinner party

  • Using metrics — What is the Social Employer Branding Index?

  • Employee Advocacy: The Ultimate Handbook — The views behind the book he co-wrote with Microsoft Executive, Ben Donkor

  • Jörgen on generations, music, and books

  • Jörgen gives a bag of Sumato Coffee to Lane Sutton at Walt Disney. Good coffee karma.

  • Over and Out.


Jörgen’s book — https://linkhumans.com/employee-advocacy-book

Jörgen’s book on Amazon- http://amzn.to/2Axos3b

Jörgen on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgensundberg/

Jörgen on Twitter — https://twitter.com/JorgenSundberg

Jörgen’s company on Insta — https://www.instagram.com/linkhumans/

Sponsor: www.sumatocoffee.com