I recently recorded a podcast with Ryan Hart, the Director of Product for the background check and drug screening company, Verified First. We covered several unexplored areas of the hiring process - specifically the “Ban the Box” legislation that states and cities continue to adopt across America. Whether you are a job seeker or recruiter, you need to be aware of “Ban the Box”.

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#25 - Nick Symmonds - 2X Olympian and CEO of Run Gum

Nick Symmonds, two-time Olympian and now CEO of Run Gum. Nick’s intensity comes through in a strong way on this episode. Nick’s story to qualify for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics to run the 800 m, the lessons he learned from each of those experiences to transform his focus into being an entrepreneur. Nick will share with you how he turned a professional pain (high sugar performance drinks) into functional chewing gum to maximize his performance. Nick may not have an off switch and I look forward to seeing where Run Gum goes.

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#24 -Marvin Stickel - Director of Recruiting for Pandora on Talent, Life & Inclusion

Marvin Stickel, Director of Recruiting at Pandora- a music streaming company focused on enriching lives by delivering music enjoyment and discovery. If you haven’t heard of Pandora then you probably would not listen to my podcast, with all due respect. Marvin will take you on a journey from his early days of recruiting at Google to making a switch to Pandora to mentoring, inclusion and Fatherhood.

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#19 - Mei Siauw, Co-founder & CEO of LeadIQ

Co-founder & CEO of LeadIQ - Mei Siauw - a company who was founded by serendipity that helps sales people build prospect lists, enrich leads with social profiles and prevents salespeople from sending spam emails by enriching their leads with social profiles and company information.

In this episode, we learn how Mei started in Indonesia then to Singapore and came to the United States for college and launched her career in a big company (Oracle) then later started her own company, LeadIQ.

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